Towards a “minimal-risk” radiation therapy treatment

PseudoPatient is a system that accurately mimics your own anatomy enabling your physician to test and verify your radiotherapy treatment in a totally safe environment before you are subjected to any irradiation.

The aim of radiation therapy (radiotherapy) is to target the affected area and deliver to the tumor a therapeutic radiation dose while  minimizing  damage  to  the  surrounding  healthy  tissues. Modern radiotherapy techniques achieve the best possible results by delivering a high dose of radiation with a millimeter precision.

Radiation Therapy is a safe treatment, but treatment uncertainties and risks are an inherent part of every medical procedure. At RTsafe, our goal is to develop and implement high-end technologies to ensure maximum treatment efficiency combined with maximum patient safety, minimizing the risk of side effects, allowing the patient to return to life activities.

“At RTsafe, our goal is to develop and implement high-end technologies to ensure maximum treatment efficiency combined with maximum patient safety, minimizing the risk of side effects, allowing the patient to return to life activities”.

The PseudoPatient Solution

PseudoPatient® is an anatomically accurate replica of the patient, designed and created to ensure that the planned outcome is consistently achieved when brain cancer is treated with Radiotherapy and/or Radiosurgery.

PseudoPatient® is a patented medical device, certified and cleared by notified bodies in the United States (Class II Medical Device, FDA 510k cleared) and the European Union (Custom Made ISO 13485 Certified Medical Device).

RTsafe’s PseudoPatient® utilizes the already acquired patient’s CT scan data to construct an exact copy of the patient’s anatomy using highly accurate 3D printing technology. PseudoPatient® is built from bone and tissue-equivalent materials that interacts with radiation the same way as the real patient does, preserving the same anatomical details. Additionally, it is designed to accommodate radiation detectors at points and areas of critical interest, allowing a quantitative assessment of the treatment. The PseudoPatient® is then treated and subjected to the planned radiation dosage as if it was the patient, providing accurate readings from the areas of interest. The accuracy of the proposed treatment can thus be verified or adapted as necessary before the patient is irradiated.

How does it work?

At RTsafe, we know that just as each patient is unique, each treatment regimen is also unique, and should therefore be validated from a truly personalized perspective. The promise of the PseudoPatient® is the completely individualized verification of the treatment of patients who will undergo Radiation Therapy.

“…each patient  is  unique, each treatment  regimen  is also unique,  and should therefore be validated through a truly personalized perspective”

PseudoPatient® assists to accurately verifying the  dose of  radiation delivered to  the  tumor  and sensitive surrounding tissues. The treatment is applied prior to patient, to the PseudoPatient®. If all the procedural  elements  are  verified,  and the  results are confirmed, only then the expert proceeds with the treatment of  the patient. PseudoPatient® is the only radiotherapy treatment verification solution that takes into account the exact anatomical features and peculiarities of each individual patient.

For the first time, medical teams can accurately simulate full cycles of the most advanced treatment and challenging procedures, refine  the  treatment  plan  as needed and  provide the patient  the maximum efficient therapy and safety.

“towards minimal-risk treatments and maximum efficiency therapies”

PseudoPatient® allows the qualified physician to fully control the treatment: accepting, rejecting, or simply applying improvements following the simulation. The result for the physician is the guaranteed implementation of an optimal treatment plan.

“the result for physicians is the guaranteed application of an optimal treatment plan”

RTsafe’s technology provides medical practitioners additional guarantee for the proper implementation of the treatment and the patients with peace of mind and confidence fora successful treatment.

How will RTsafe produce my PseudoPatient?

There  is  no  need  to further be involved to  produce  your  unique  PseudoPatient® life like  model. It  is created from the CT scans that you will already have as part of your treatment. Your therapist, after anonymizing  your  CT  scans (RTsafe  has  no  access  to  your  personal  data), sends them  to us.  These scans are used from RTsafe in order to create the perfect replica of your head and brain anatomy and mail your personalized PseudoPatient® model to the clinic.Then, the medical professionals team at the clinic responsible for your treatment, ‘treats’ your PseudoPatient® model as if it is yourself! They can work on the perfect facsimile to verify the safety and efficiency of your treatment before you undergo it. Simulation before irradiation is what we believe in!

How much does it cost? Is it covered by health insurance companies?

PseudoPatient® is a consumable medical device, created individually for each patient. It costs approximately 10% of the total cost of a brain Radiation Therapy treatment. Private insurance companies are increasingly reimbursing the total cost of the product, following a physician’s explanation of its essential role in achieving optimal patient outcomes.

How can I get it?

The PseudoPatient® is a custom-made medical device, unique for eachpatient. Thus, it can only be ordered following a physician’s prescription.

What anatomy does it work with?

The intended use of PseudoPatient® is brain and head-neck Radiation Therapy, either for cancer treatment or for functional abnormalities. It is currently certified as a quality control tool for brain anatomical areas. RTsafe is, however, actively developing the PseudoPatient® technology for other anatomical sites of the body.

PseudoPatient® advanced technology is internationally patented, FDA 510(k) cleared, and ISO13485 certified.

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